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"Bridging between the         real and the ideal"


My therapeutic approach

Having over 30 years of experience, both as a psychotherapist in a private clinic and as an organizational consultant - my approach towards therapy is pragmatic and practical, yet aiming to provide deep pattern changes and improvements. 

  • Adults and adolescents

  • Individual counseling

  • Relationship issues

  • Stress and trauma

  • Anxiety disorders​ and depression


I completed my academic education at Utrecht University, where I obtained a bachelor and a  master degree in Clinical Psychology, followed by a PhD in Social Sciences.


  • 1980-1983: specialization in clinical psychology in the Academic Medical Center for Psychiatry at the University of Amsterdam.

  • 1984: obtained the certification as a senior clinical psychologist by the Dutch association for clinical psychology and as a psychotherapist by the European association for psychotherapy.

  • 1994: Registered as a licensed psychologist under the Israeli Ministry of Health. 

Since 1985 I have a private psychotherapy clinic - first in Holland and later in Israel.


Organizational consultancy

Until 2000, in parallel to psychotherapy, I have been an organizational consultant and a director of post-academic programs for senior executives in the Faculty of Business Management at Rotterdam University. 



Since 2000, I have provided patients in Zikhron Yaakov and its surrounding a wide range of psychological and counseling services to suit their needs. Furthermore, I expanded therapy also through Skype sessions and thereby able to accept native Hebrew/Dutch speaking patients who live overseas. 

Whether you’re an individual, a couple or a family looking for help - my psychotherapy sessions are designed to strengthen your confidence and assist you in the healing process.

You are more than welcome to contact me in order to discuss more specifically. 












Zikhron Yaakov, Israel

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